Natural Face Cleanser 4 oz.


For a Cleaner Face

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Youthful Essentials® Face Cleanser
Deep but Gentle Cleansing & Moisturizing Formula

Clean and moisturize at the same time! Specially blended with Coconut Oil, Chamomile Extract, L-Carnosine and Essential Oil of Orange, this delightfully refreshing wash both firms and tones the face and neck, while helping you maintain a clear and healthy complexion.

Use once in the morning and then once before retiring at night, a 4 oz. bottle will last up to 6 weeks. Please remember, since we use only pure and natural ingredients in all our formulations, you won’t notice any foaming lather. Foam is created by adding chemical agents – something you’ll never find in Youthful Essentials® products!

Give your face a treat, and your skin all the healthy support it needs. Try Youthful Essentials® Face Cleanser today.

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Available in 4 oz bottles

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All Natural Ingredients:

De-ionized Water, Naturally Derived Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamide, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Ester) Chamomile Extract, L-Carnosine, Essential Oil of Orange, DMAE. Click here to see extended ingredient information

(Here’s a hint: If you want to give your complexion that extra special invigorating touch, try our Facial Toner. It’s a perfect complement to our Face Cleanser!)


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